AzN PoP! is a satirical K-Pop band & all-Asian sketch comedy team.

AzN PoP! created and wrote the critically acclaimed concert parody, “AzN PoP! Live in Concert!” which successfully ran at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City for 8 months. Other live show credits include: Joe’s Pub (off-Broadway), IFC showcase, SF SketchFest, Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre LA, headlining NYC SketchFest, Boston Women in Comedy Festival, Second City LA, and more. 


🎵 The Cast 🎵


IlIana Inocencio is BABY RICE!

She likes Lisa Frank, kittens and bunnies! What kind of guy is she into? BABY guys, of course! Awwwww.



She's an Ivy League grad and an amazing violinist. Obviously she's still not good enough for her parents!


Anna Suzuki is EDGY RICE!

Her favorite color is blood and she sleeps hanging from the ceiling every night. Just don't look her in the eyes, k???

The five members of AzN PoP! each represent a different Asian country: Japan, India, the Philippines, South Korea and China. Through song and satire, their material skewers the Asian-American experience and takes sharp digs at stereotypes and whitewashing — though disarmingly.
— PBS News Hour

Angel Yau is QUIRKY RICE!

She likes to bite her toenails and remind Japan of "Rape of the Nanking," the massacre of 1937. Awkward!


Maya Deshmukh is BROWN RICE!

You can take the girl out of Bollywood bhangra team but is India like, really part of Asia????